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Sanctions and Their Effects on Iran

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Written by Soheil

It’s not very hard for the Iranian people to notice the new sanctions and their effects. No matter how much Ahmadinejad says that the sanctions don’t have any impact, if you simply go to the nearest supermarket, you can see the dramatic changes in the prices of almost every product. The rial, which is the Iranian currency, is decreasing in value every day. Due to the rial downfall, many people are now buying gold and dollars.

If you go to any of the major Iranian port cities, you won’t see many transit ships like there used to be. I remember that when I was a kid, I would sometimes go to northern Iran for the summers. One of my favorite things to do was watch the transit ships coming to the bay, but now, because of sanctions, many of big shipping companies don’t work with Iran anymore. Iranian airlines can’t buy new planes, and they can’t refuel their planes in Europe, both of which are contributing to the destruction of Iran’s once Great Airline industry. People would rather use foreign airline companies to travel because the thirty-year-old Iranian planes are not safe anymore. Every year, hundreds of Iranian citizens on commercial airplanes die in plane crashes.

I believe in sanctions because they’re a lot better than the other option, which is war. I very much welcome any sanctions that specifically punish the people who are committing crimes and are a crucial part of the problems we are seeing today. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure that these sanctions will work and actually achieve the goal of western countries. For example, look at Cuba. They have been under an embargo since 1962, but they haven’t changed their policy much. Unfortunately, the sanctions in Iran aren’t having a noticeable effect on the extremely rich, a.k.a. the ruling class. Right now, only the common people are being hurt, often losing their jobs in a time when losing your job results in your money losing its value. Every simple little thing is becoming more expensive, and it is obviously not a very good thing.

Now, I won’t deny that there have been some good sanctions against the right people, but the governments who make these sanctions should be more careful about the sanctions; they can`t claim to be friends of the Iranian people when they are simultaneously destroying the lives of those with whom they are claiming to be friendly. The government here in Iran is not exactly helping the lives of their people either by spending most of their budget on the military, nuclear power plants, etc., but that’s another story.


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